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Africa Zim Travel is a tour operator based in the adventure capital of Africa if not the world Victoria falls Zimbabwe.Our broad spectrum of services include accommodation , transfers, day tours, white water rafting, tours around Zimbabwe, sunset cruises along the upper Zambezi river,canoe safaris, bungee jumping, cultural tours, helicopter flights over the falls, game drives and many more. We specialize in accommodated tours using coaches. Our goal at Africa Zim Travel is to fill your days with thrilling adventures, ultimate safaris, luxury accommodation, reach African cultures experiences, nature landscapes , meeting with the people , African cuisine and to provide you with everything what you need to enjoy the holiday.We do offer day tours to Chobe, Zimbabwe safaris, transfers and book accommodation for our guests. We have been doing our tours since 2005 organizing accommodation for fly in holiday makers and adventure packages according to there spending capacity. We do work also with several companies like lonely planet, Hostelword , backpackers traveler, and web reservations. We take our guest to the real Africa that means to say clients enjoy more of African activities, local cuisine, music and dance, meeting the local people and many more. They come face to face with the big 5 and other animals of Southern Africa. They experience cultural differences first hand. For the thrill and adventure seekers we can offer a wide variety of activities that are sure to leave your breathless. From bungee jumping to white river rafting, from para gliding to helicopter trips. You name it we can provide it. Want to hunt animals? There are some hunting lodges where you can hunt the animals of your dreams. All hunting are done by professional expert hunters who all have licenses. All animals the are available for hunting have been removed from national parks where they have either become problematic animals or have become over populated certain areas. We can help you secure exclusive hunting license for the animal type you wish to hunt. For more information please see hunting tips under destinations.

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