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A seminal totem in the Brussels skyline. Neither tower, nor pyramid. Half-way between sculpture and architecture. A relic of the past with a determinedly futuristic look. The Atomium is the only symbol of its kind in the world, which eludes any kind of classification. The Atomium was not intended to survive beyond the 1958 World Fair but its popularity and success soon made it a key landmark, first of Brussels, then countrywide and finally European. The Atomium today: ° a surrealistic walk through tubes and spheres ° the most beautiful panorama over Brussels and its surroundings ° a fine lunch at 95 m height in the panoramic restaurant (light or gastronomic, always 100 % Belgian) ° a permanent exhibition about the history of the building ° temporary exhibitions with different themes ° a boutique full of original gifts with the Atomium colours

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