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Dearoma® Tours and Travel is Licensed Tour operator, based in Campo de'Fiori square, in the heart of Rome, created to offer our guests a unique point of view on the eternal city. Exciting sightseeing on a vintage Vespa long the route just our local guides truly know. Unforgettable trip on our funny Fiat500 seeing the Rome’s living statues trough the car sunroof. A “whet appetite” Bicycle ride trough the alleys labirinth to enjoy breathtaking squares. And more and more. That’s just what Rome deserves and your Roman holiday needs!

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Museos Vaticanos, Ciudad del Vaticano, Capilla Sixtina, Basílica de San Pedro, Estancias de Rafael, Museo Pío Clementino, La Pietà, Coliseo, Panteón, Fontana di Trevi, Escalera de la plaza de España, Río Tíber, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Foro Romano, Plaza Navona, Circo Máximo, Piazza Venezia, Monte Palatino, Colina Capitolina, Columna de Trajano, Arco de Tito, Foros Imperiales

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