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4.8 / 5

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The tour really helps you to make the most out of your time if you have about at least a week in South Africa and are starting your journey in Cape Town. Our guide Christine was simply the best, telling us all details about every single thing during the whole tour and always caring to accommodate everyone's specific preferences and needs. She helped us in planning our onward trip and was always making sure we got the best pictures at every stop. This trip has a lot of flexibility in terms of accommodation type and optional activities, which makes it a great option for different kinds of travelers. However, it also offers great opportunities for everyone to bond together, like trying local food at special dinners especially prepared for the group. We definitely recommend this tour and Earthstompers, as it is a really professional agency.

El recorrido está bien organizado y es una buena forma de conocer muchos lugares. Lo que no me gustó es que, si bien es comprensible por una cuestión de orden, hay que estar corriendo con los tiempos para todo, para comer, para dormir, para sacar fotos. La cata de vinos no fue buena, esperaba otra cosa.

Hola, muy buena experiencia, excelente atencion del guia-conductor, aun conociendo mi dificultad con el idioma. Muy atento en el almuerzo y en el tiempo que nos dedico en su recorrido.