What to eat in Miami: 12 must-try local delights

Sample the flavors of Caribbean and Latin fusion with our 12 picks for must eat foods in Miami.

Indulge in the flavors of Miami that fuse Caribbean and Latin influence with amazing seafood, and make your mouth water. The fine dining scene is ripe for romance, but you don't have to hit the haute cuisine to taste the best food in Miami. The city is a street food hub that's perfect for walking tours where you can sample must eat local faves.

Experience Miami’s cultural heritage and find some of the top foods to try. Order a classic Cuban sandwich in Little Havana, or hit the streets of Wynwood to find Latin delicacies like Churrasco steak.

This guide will make your mouth water with what to eat in Miami.


1. Taste a classic Wynwood Churrasco

When someone asks, “What food is Miami known for?” Churrasco is the most popular answer. Wynwood’s famous Churrasco steak is served with spicy Chimichurri sauce. If you need more bite, you can even sprinkle it with a tangy vinaigrette.

How to eat the best Churrasco steak in Miami?

The Wynwood Food and Art Tour introduces you to the district's best eats, including the mouthwatering Churrasco. You’ll visit four restaurants and experience the life of Miami natives.


2. Try a tasty taco

Ocean Drive might be famous for its cocktails and live bands, but it has plenty of food to eat, too. The neighborhood takes its tacos seriously. Almost 60% of Miami’s residents are of Hispanic origin, so this is your moment to experience a taco as it’s supposed to be prepared.

How to eat the best tacos in Miami?

Pair your taco with a mojito with the Salsa Lessons and Mojitos Experience at Mango's. Check out the Baja Barbacoa taco loaded with Cotija cheese and hot jalapenos.


3. Enjoy Miami's rich donut scene

Miami’s multi-cultural heritage has reinvented the humble donut. You'll find classic donuts, twists, and glazed concoctions alongside Italian-style donuts and Spanish churros. When You're visiting the Magic City, check out these sugar sensations.

How to eat the best donuts in Miami?

Why explore alone when you can take a curated South Beach Donut Tour? Sample Miami's much-loved Italian-style donuts at Buon Pane Bakery.


4. Cut through the summer heat with ice cream

Ice cream is a must eat on a steamy Miami day. Gourmet ice cream dens and Cuban parlors are crammed with creative flavors and thrilling garnishes. Don’t expect a mere waffle cone. You’re more likely to be handed a gold-flaked cloud of candyfloss with an ice cream center.

How to eat the best ice cream in Miami?

Miami has creameries throughout Little Havana and the Design District, but you’ll find more authentic flavors on the South Beach Tour des Forks: Eat Like a Local tour.


5. Picnic in paradise

Luxury picnics are all the rage in Miami — so much so that you can pick up a full basket at pop-up shops and retailers throughout the city. Stock up on Arepas, donuts, and flaky pastry, then head to a lush garden to enjoy panoramic vistas of the city.

How to eat the best picnic in Miami?

You won’t find the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on famous food destinations lists, but the grounds are primed for a picnic.


6. Sample stone crabs

Stone crabs are a Miami favorite. They’re infused with flavor, so they don’t need more than a simple butter and lime topping. Some locals even eat them on a bed of ice with dips. Every crab is locally sourced to tempt your tastebuds with delectable just-caught freshness.

How to eat the best stone crabs in Miami?

South Beach is the perfect spot to experience Miami’s delectable seafood. Take it slow on a South Beach Tandem Bike Rental to find the best crab in the city.


7. Find out why Cuban sandwiches are all the rage

No Little Havana dish is as celebrated as the famous Cubana. This gourmet sandwich is served on sweet Cuban bread with heaps of roast pork and ham. Smother it all in Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and sour pickles, and you have the best sandwich you’ll ever taste.

How to eat the best Cubanas in Miami?

Little Havana is one of the most popular food destinations in the city for authentic Cuban sandwiches. The Little Havana Walking Food Tour with Lunch will serve up a classic Cubana.


8. Enjoy an iconic Miami burger

A traditional Miami burger isn’t smothered in heavy sauce or gourmet toppings, but don’t assume that makes it boring. The city is all about its meat. If you have the tastiest patty in the city, why disguise it with sauces? Restaurants rely on their proprietary beef blends to produce a spectacular dish.

How to eat the best burger in Miami?

When it comes to burgers, you can’t do better than a Meal at Hard Rock Café Miami at Biscayne Marketplace. The views are as spectacular as the cuisine.


9. Discover delicious BBQ fare

Few things can beat the smoky, tangy tastes of an All-American barbecue. Every region has a unique approach, and Miami is no different. A local concoction will usually include rubbed brisket, back ribs, and Cuban rubs. This is fusion cuisine at its best.

How to eat the best barbecue in Miami?

You can enjoy your cuisine in style on a Fourth of July Fireworks Party Royal Princess Cruise. You don’t get more American than that.


10. Cuban pizza is comfort food at its best

Cuban pizza is one of the foods to try you can only find in Miami. It’s created with chewier dough, sweeter sauce, and a thicker base. Add toppings like pineapples and fresh lobster and be thrilled by a bite of Miami’s best comfort food.

How to eat the best Cuban Pizza in Miami?

Bayside Marketplace is the perfect spot for Cuban Pizza, so why not take the Small Group Night Tour with Skyviews Wheel Ride? With your tour over, head to Kuba Cabana for a tasty treat.


11. Grab a slice of Key lime pie

No need to head to the Florida Keys to enjoy a slice of the state's official pie. Key limes are renowned for their strong aroma and tart flavor, making the perfect accompaniment to the pie's whipped cream or baked meringue topping.

How to eat the best progressive American cuisine in Miami?

There are plenty of fabulous Key lime pie spots, but the best include Fireman Derek's Bakery, opened by former-firefighter Derek Kaplan and now a local institution.


12. Go Caribbean with a tostone

Miami's Caribbean influence is one of the city's top assets. Tostones are fried green plantains that are eaten across the Caribbean and Latin America. Beloved as a side dish across the city, you can top your tostones with salsa, mayo, or garlic aioli.

How to eat the best Cuban dishes in Miami?

Head for Mofongo Restaurant Calle 8 in Little Havana for the most authentic tostones in the city, or head to Quillami which used tostones as a taco base.


What are the must-try traditional dishes in Miami?

Miami’s most iconic dish is, arguably, churrasco —a grilled steak smothered in chimichurri sauce. The city also has its own interpretation of the Portuguese pork dish, chicharron. Make sure you taste an authentic Cuban sandwich while you’re in the area. This is one of the many contributions Cuban immigrants have brought to Florida.

What are the best food tours in Miami?

You can taste the most authentic Cuban cuisine outside of Cuba on a Little Havana food tour. The community has laid down its roots in this vibrant neighborhood, offering avenues of bustling restaurants. South Beach offers a wholly different food experience. You’ll taste all of Miami’s favorite dishes, including Florida’s beloved stone crab.

What are the top local food markets in Miami to visit?

South Beach’s Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market sells artisanal bread, homemade treats, and flowers. If you’re looking for variety, The Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market offers it in spades. You’ll find vegan ice cream treats, raw bars, and a hundred other hipster favorites. That said, Legion Park Market rules them all. It covers the full length of Legion Park all the way from Biscayne Boulevard to the bay.

What is the best time of year to visit Miami for food lovers?

The Annual SoFlo Festival falls in April — the perfect month to visit. The high-season crowds return home in March, and the weather is inviting. Miami’s Seafood Festival falls in early November if you’re more interested in seafood than steaks.

How much should I budget for food in Miami?

Tourists spend an average of $41 on meals each day, but you can certainly experience the city on a budget. Coral Gables always has affordable meals on offer, as do Wynwood, Coconut Grove, and Little Havana.