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A Tour of authentic Indian street food in Delhi We offer personalized Indian street food + sight seeing tours in Delhi for small groups ranging from 1 to 22. Duration of an average tour is 3-5 hours and includes 8-14 Indian food dishes from different places . In this amount, we will pick up from a convenient location, preferably central Delhi, guide you around the places agreed beforehand, pay for your food + non-alcoholic drinks and drop you back at a pre-agreed place. We’ll guide you about the dish, the way to eat it and even it’s history if you’d like. For example, did you know that butter chicken was invented in a restaurant called Moti Mahal located in Daryaganj, central Delhi ? The tour will include not just the food attractions, but also some great landmarks and offbeat but worth visiting places of Delhi. Although we prefer that you customize it to your own preferences, we offer two different kinds of food tours : First starts at 10 in morning and will go on till lunch. Second one starts at 4 pm and continues till dinner. The tour locations are set by different areas of Delhi. Our most popular street food tours by order are in Old Delhi, South Delhi, Central, East, West and North. Depending upon which places you want to see and food you want to enjoy, we can arrange food tour of one or more than one area. There is also an extra option, which involves you deciding the time, places and what to do. :) The eating part will include sampling different varieties of street food from various places in the interinery. Food is all that you can eat, but we’ll advise you to have a little of everything and enjoy the variety. We place a lot of stress on hygiene and only trusted and safe vendors which serve good and hygienic food are on our list. Apart from the usual and must see, you’ll also see some under-rated and less explored places of Delhi which very few people know about. These places are not listed on most tourist guides. A lot of very good photo-opportunities and bragging rights are on line. Food Tour Guidelines : 1) Indian food is usually spicy. If you prefer non-spicier versions, then please mention it. It can be customised. 2) Number of dishes during the food tour easily cross 8-12, sometimes even more. So we recommend starting the tour on an empty stomach and tasting a little of everything. 3) During tour, we'll provide you with bottled water, wipes, hand sanitizer and in case you need it, antacid. So you do not need to carry them with you. 4) If you need to cancel a tour, please let us know at least 2 days in advance. There is no cancellation fee. 5) Entry fee for some monuments charged by authorities will cost extra. 6) Please carry all your medications with you and let us know of any existing medical condition like allergies and dietary preferences in advance.

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