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Tablao Las Carboneras is located in the most traditional Madrid, the Madrid of the Austrias, in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda. Born from the idea of recovering the old cabarets, this tablao and restaurant combines flamenco and avant-garde image with the best of nowadays flamenco. Since opening in October 2000, renowned figures have passed through our tablao. Artists such as Pastora Galván, Jorge Pardo , Rocío Molina, Montse Cortés, Belén Maya, Manuel Liñán, Alfonso Losa, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, “La Shica”… prestigious names that have been integrated into a group of artists who was founded by the members and dancers Manuela Vega, Tacha and Ana Romero, who have created a new approach to tablao flamenco through its long experience in these research areas and in other areas within dance. Tablao Las Carboneras has created his own label and has driven a trend renewing this art in Madrid. In this renewal, two years ago our tablao launched the Flamenco Dance Competition Las Carboneras with the intention of promoting new values within the flamenco dance and to accommodate innovative work of young artists. Since 2011, they have granted with top awards to Moisés Navarro, Cristina Hall, Gema Moneo, Triana Maciel, and Florencia O’Ryan. Our tablao and restaurant combines live entertainment with a high quality selection of Spanish cuisine as well as regular exhibitions of renowned artists such as José Maldonado, Candy Román, Ari Alexis Patacuás, Juan Herrera, Shin Yamasawa, Diego Agudo Pinilla, Isabel Fischer, and Ana Palma.

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