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Show is really good and entertaining, and you get to see some of the most popular places on the city. The actors were superb and the scenario they made up was very well done. The bus itself made some cracking noises from time to time, but I want to think that is done on purpose to help set the atmosphere. That said, you REALLY need to have a good level of english to squeeze the most of the show, because it's pure british humor and you may not get some of the finest jokes otherwise. I gave them 4 stars only because I wasn't able to understand all of the explanations, since the guide spoke a little bit fast on some parts. Other than that, it's a good activity to spend a night in London if it's raining or if you aren't in the mood of going into a crowded pub.

Fue una experiencia emocionante e increíble. Además de lo atractivo de la historia y los hechos, el guía y relator de nombre Jack fue increíble, muy carismático y obviamente es un verdadero destriperologo lo cual hace que la experiencia sea aún más emocionante

Muy buena la experiencia, el tiempo de recorrido no se siente y se conoce otra parte de la ciudad.

Nos lo pasamos fenomenal. Los guías actuaban muy bien y el recorrido se nos hizo corto.