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Leading company in maritime transport in La Palma, where we have been for almost 12 years. As trusted suppliers on boat trips, we are of special concern about nature and its marine environment. For this reason, our departures, whether on FLIPPER that is a large capacity boat for the sighting of cetaceans or finally our cruise ship BUSSARD, our trips will always be made with the most respect towards nature. In our sea excursions there will always be a motto above everything: Visit without disturbing. With our program of a "soft" cetacean sighting we try to make the encounter with humans the least stressful and annoying for the animals and at the same time show people the sensitive world of marine mammals since raising awareness with their own experience will always be more successful. When it will come to a better understanding of this mysterious world and especially to face nature we will treat it with more respect, than when we just read it in a magazine or see it in the media.

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