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We are a newly formed company, offering cultural food tours away from the usual Lisbon tourist hotpots. Our tours take place in Madragoa, an amazing, traditional Lisbon neighbourhood close to the Tejo river. Our food tours explore the tastes and histories of Portuguese cuisine, and are built on very close relationships with local restaurants and cafés in the area of Madragoa. Cooking traditions in Portugal, local ingredients and techniques make up a multi faceted gastronomy with hundreds years of history that have influenced cooking around the world. In Portugal we take our food extremely seriously and pride ourselves in seasonal ingredients which bring to the table the freshest vegetables, exceptional fish from the Atlantic Ocean, local breeds of pork and beef that make exquisite cured meats, sausages and hams. You will gain a lot of these insights during our walks. Guided by multi-lingual professionals hired from the Portuguese tourist industry.

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