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Portúgalska is a tourism company based in Sesimbra, Portugal. The company opened in March 2016 with several tourism activities: guided walking tours and experience tours in the town of Sesimbra. It all started in Iceland, where the founders - Débora Nabais and Marcelo Almeida, a Portuguese couple from Sesimbra, went for living and working for six months. Away from their beloved hometown, they faced new experiences which were shared through a blog. Back in Portugal, they started to develop a project where foreigns could take part in new experiences in their hometown. They named it “Portúgalska”, that in Icelandic means “to be Portuguese” and in Swedish, “alska” means “to love”. After several months of studying and writing scripts, Portúgalska was finally ready to start its activities. Now, visitors who come to Sesimbra have the opportunity to learn about the town’s history, culture and lifestyle while visiting its top attractions and experiencing its gastronomy and mores.

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