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It is my sole belief that one travels to connect, to forget, to learn to get inspired. The two day tour with "Kiss" to Angkor Wat was something we can't put a price on. So if you are lucky enough to have him as a tour guide you are going to be shaken off your seats. Just to start off with his english was impecable, even better than ours. His knowledge of Angkor Wat was beyond what we could imagine. Every question asked was answered, not only that he was really open to how life in Cambodia is, but his personal life and experience, which makes you understand that even though we are from different countries our lives are pretty much the same. Kiss was a monk for 4 years and that was great for my friend who wanted to learn as much possible and it was a great insight. We felt we left a friend in Cambodia, thanks to Kiss we place Cambodia at our #1 spot. I think there's no need to be said that having the best tour guide maded us love and appreciate more every single moment spent at the tour.

Really cool. 100% recommend. We got a private tour for my boyfriend and I. Our driver and our guide (Rat) got there on the exact time and took us to buy the ticket. Then we were driven until the perfect spot to see the sunrise and given free time. We visited other two temples before it was too crowded (these were my favorite). During the whole visit Rat was knowledgable, fun, and ready to accomodate our preferences regarding timing doing one thing or another. He also offered to take pics and videos for us which, as a couple travelling alone, was really great. The driver offered cold water and towels in every opportunity. They were both delightful and gave us a lot of insight in Cambodia's history, present and way of living.

Fue maravilloso contemplar el amanecer desde un punto perfecto conocer las ruinas principales y conocer mucho de la historia de este complejo maravilloso, nuestro chofer muy amable con agua todo el tiempo, y nuestro guia no solo conoce a profundida Angkor War nos enseño mucho acerca de arquitectura historia altorelieves fue una visita muy provechosa

Super recomendados, muy puntuales, amables, siempre se ofrecen para ayudarte a tomar fot para lo cual conocen los mejores ángulos. Sin duda volvería con ellos, estamos muy agradecidos por su tour.

Excellent tour. The sunrise at the Angkor Wat ruins was amazing. The tour was well organized