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Precious Legacy Tours is a small boutique company based in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. With over 20 years of close cooperation with the Jewish Museum of Prague as well as the local Jewish communities we are the Jewish tour experts in Prague! As the Preferred Tour Provider for several Jewish organiza-tions, we are the first choice for many Rabbis and Jewish scholars from all over the world. Our highly satisfied client base is made up of political leaders, religious leaders, ambas-sadors, as well as celebrities and movie stars. So please contact us and see how we can make your experi-ence an unforgettable one. Our travel managers will create a personalized day by day itinerary especially for you.

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Sala de ceremonias judía, Museo Judío de Praga, Josefov, Antiguo Cementerio Judío de Praga, Sinagoga Española, Sinagoga Vieja-Nueva, Sinagoga Maisel, Sinagoga Klausen, Sinagoga Pinkas, Terezín, Castillo de Praga, Reloj astronómico de Praga, Catedral de San Vito, Plaza de la Ciudad Vieja, Plaza de Wenceslao, Iglesia de San Nicolás de Praga, Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad Vieja de Praga, Ópera Estatal de Praga, Río Moldava, Callejón del Oro, Museo Nacional de Praga, Estatua de San Wenceslao, Distrito del Castillo, Ciudad Vieja de Praga

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