Rome with the Romans

Ciao, first of all: why “Rome with the Romans”? Because, notwithstanding that we are Professional and Licenced Tour Leaders or Tour Guides, first of all we love our city, Rome, and like to show it to our guests and share with them not only the usual and customary highlights, but also the hidden and somehow “private” part of the life of the Romans. That’s why in addition to the usual areas that of course can’t be missed, we like to take our guests to the local pictoresque fruit and vegetable markets and, why not, invite them to buy food and cook it and eat it with us. We love this chaotic city! A great mixture of past, present and, why not, future! A few words about us: We have a new idea of tourism! We love travelling, we love guiding travellers! Explore our offer of different tours: from the very relaxing ones, such as walking, getting to some nice “pizza place”, browsing (and, why not) shopping, trying and voting for the best roman ice-cream to the very accurate and informative, but always low cost ones: the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel (masterpiece of Michelangelo, but also of Botticelli, Perugino, Ghirlandaio, etc), St. Peter’s Church; The Archelogical area: Coloseum, Roman Republican and Imperial Forums, the Capitole Hill, the Circus Maximus, etc; the beautiful Roman Palaces, Squares and Fountains… Give also a look to the ratings and reviews we got on Tripadvisor as Rome with the Romans and/or Viator Tour Guide Sergio Grom. All tours will be tailored to your needs and interests. We try to keep prices affordable: most of our half day tours cost from 40,00 euro p.p. for a small group of maximum 5 guests and, believe it or not…shhh…promise…we have a Code of Ethics: No factory shopping stops,no hidden costs…We are not going to take you to any restaurant of uncle Mario or any shop of cousin Francesco…we don’t like these kind of things! Wherever you go in the world, tourist places are full of people who see tourist not as “guests” but as…chicken to get as much as possible from… We, as many other of our collegues here in Italy and Rome, we are not like that: we consider you as travellers who come to see, learn and enjoy our city, our History, our gastronomy, our masterpieces of art: we want to be honestly paid, of course, but..nothing more: we don’t have any agreement with Restaurants or shops to…overcharge prices for getting a little extra…We are a “Commissions Free Zone”: how do you like that? Ask for detailed and tailor made information: your Tours, your needs are not the same of anyone else…

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