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We would like to introduce you to Savouidakis Olive Oils. Our labeling unit is based in Agia Varvara, a mountain and peaceful village which is located horizontally and vertically in the center of Crete. We specialize in the olive oil sector. We produce extra virgin olive oil we store it, we standardize it and trade it in the national and foreign markets. Furthermore, our consumers can search and purchase our products from our eshop from the convenience of their home. We additionally offer a wide variety of cretan products which we have also been producing and trading for many years. In our facilities all our procedures from production to shipment are complied with the rules of the certified Food Safety System we operate. Among our strong aspects is the ability to meet the needs for large quantities combining prompt delivery time. Furthermore, our offices are specially designed to host meetings with potential and existing byers. For us it is important to build stable and warm relationships with them which will be long lasting. Our Company’s passion for healthy nutrition, well-being, and hospitality guided us to create products which combine tradition with aesthetics and meet the needs for high quality and great taste by carrying the characteristics of the region they originate. We treat our products with special caution and monitor each step of production having the commitment to deliver them flawless to our final consumers. The people of our company feel it is their debt to fulfil our vision and provide high standard customer communication and services. Consequently, this has resulted to satisfied customers receiving prompt service at the right time. High quality is the only way to go, and our company does its best for it through the right organization and continuous training to all its members. It is of major importance for our customer to be able to judge and select the finest Olive Oil for their table. But we here to provide something more than that. We want to educate people to judge a quality olive oil instead of a defective one. We are dreaming of people accepting nothing less than quality olive oil for their daily nutrition. For this reason, we also offer our visitors the opportunity to experience a guided olive oil tasting session and watch our olive oil seminar in our brand-new visitable area in Agia Varvara. In our facilities they will also be able to watch step by step everything that has to do with olive oil labeling and storage. It is our concern to treat our visitors as our guests and make them feel like “home”. We invite our guests to embark on a delicious journey which will absolutely stimulate their senses. Above all trying Savouidakis Products is a “Love at First Tasting” Experience.

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