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Segway Fun Rome (operating in Prague & Rome) provides you with the most unique and fun way imaginable to see the sights and hear the sounds of this great city. If you have ever wondered what it's like to ride the new Segway Personal Transporter, here's your chance. As your Segway silently glides down the sidewalks and streets of Rome, your Segway tour leader will be pointing out some of the city's most famous landmarks, historical sites, best local entertainment hangouts, and some of the most beautiful scenery Rome has to offer.

Segway Fun Rome ofrece tours y actividades para las siguientes atracciones:

Plaza Navona, Piazza Venezia, Campo de' Fiori, Foro Romano, Coliseo, Panteón, Fontana di Trevi, Colina Capitolina, escalera de la plaza de España, Castillo de Sant'Angelo, Piazza del Popolo, Via Margutta, Campo dei Mori, Ciudad del Vaticano

Segway Fun Rome ofrece tours y actividades en las siguientes ciudades:

Roma, Venecia

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