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The Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour was the first sightseeing tour of its kind in London, formally introduced by London Transport as ‘Service J’ on 11th June 1951. Today, over half a century later, trading simply as “The Original Tour”, this multi-award winning company continues to provide visitors to London with a relaxed and enjoyable view of the capital’s popular landmarks from their famous open-topped buses operating throughout the year.

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The London Dungeon, Greenwich, Sea Life London Aquarium, Palacio de St. James, Museo del Banco de Inglaterra, Catedral de Southwark, Palacio de Lambeth, HMS Belfast, Museo de Londres, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Columna de Nelson, Horse Guards Parade, Cambio de guardia, Torre de Londres, Fleet Street, Palacio de Buckingham, Torre de Londres, Big Ben, Abadía de Westminster, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Catedral de San Pablo, National Gallery, Parque de St. James, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Madame Tussauds Londres, 10 de Downing Street, Tate Modern, Covent Garden, Casas del Parlamento, London Bridge, Southwark Park

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