Viu Aventura

ViuAventura (Live Adventure) is a local guide business that was created so that you can live real adventure experiences in Mallorca. As a result, you feel the excitement that you are looking for under the guarantee of safety and security at all times. We offer 3 main activities to fully satisfy your need for adrenaline in the mountains and at the sea; Adventure Canyoning Tour, Adventure Coasteering Tour and Adventure Trekking Tour. Each of the tours provides the sensation of many adventures in one day. To enjoy the wild nature of Mallorca our tours include abseiling in waterfalls, zip wires over the sea, traverse climbing, bungee jumping, sea caves, snorkeling, reef jumping, adventure hiking and more depending on which tour you choose. ViuAdventura Tours has something for everyone whether you are an experienced adventurer or want to experience it for the first time. We recommend the right level of difficulty designed for you to live the perfect adventure and have an unforgettable experience.

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